Docg Malanotte
The area of ​production of the DOCG Malanotte del Piave begins where the River Piave escapes of the Dolomite mountains and opens to the plains of Treviso, which then cross the Venetian mainland. Malanotte is the name of a small medieval village located in Tezze di Piave (Vazzola) in the Treviso area, the heart of the production of the wine that bears its name.
The area of ​production of the DOCG Malanotte del Piave falls on a ​medium-low plain along the River Piave, characterized by a temperate climate with warm summers and winters which are never too cold. The fresh air from the north-east is felt in the higher difference of temperature between day and night, more pronounced in the northern part of the district. The soils, consisting of alluvial debris, deposited by the glaciers before, and by the river Piave after, are considered "hot", as they're characterized by a high percentage of texture, with high depths which can be explored by the roots, absence of stagnation, poor in organic matter, with good and well balanced mineral elements, in particular phosphorus and magnesium.