In the DOC Lison-Pramaggiore region, the techniques of organic farming spread in the early '90s. Nowadays, the companies adopting such methods of cultivation are numerous and the total area of organically grown ​vineyards, is more than 350 hectares. This means that the Lison-Pramaggiore area stands out at a national level as regards the organic viticulture. Farmers who decided to make that choice, did so in the belief that the people's health and environment integrity must be protected absolutely. These companies only use copper salts and sulfur, to protect the vines from vegetable pests (such as downy mildew and powdery mildew). For animal pests, natural enemies are used, instead. The fertilizers are only made with organic matter (manure or residues of fruit and sugar beet processing). The use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides is completely forbidden. Each grower who intends to produce grapes organically must choose the right certification body which, with its inspectors, checks that all stages of production are conducted in compliance with the current legislation. Once verified that the Company has worked correctly, the certificate is issued, as well as the permission to print the labels, whose number must be compatible with the amount of product for which the certification has been issued.